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GaryP - RA Survivor


Here are a few links to resources that I have found to be useful and informative.

Survivor Sites

Survivor Info Resources

AustraliaRass - An Australian Ritual Abuse Survivors Website.

Jim Hopper's Home Page

#Survivors on the Net - Australia! Self help-Stop Abuse.

AS of Now

Innocent children are incarcerated and abused in American orphanages and institutions.

Health Sites

Survivor Related Info

The Gateway to Health ( This site is the best health resource I have ever encountered. Enter the realm of physical self-awareness and find out how to potentially live life illness free. Find out about good diet, and how to cleanse your bowels and liver (very important for your health!)


How People Forget: The Truth About Delayed Memory

Finding Information on Lesser Known Groups, Cults, & New Religious Movements

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