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GaryP - RA Survivor


Fragmented Consciousness - Dissociative Identity Disorder - Multiple Personality Disorder

Huh? - What does that mean?!

What is multiple personality disorder?

MPD has been renamed DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) quite a few years ago. It makes even less sense than MPD. Most people have some awareness that some people have multiple personalities, but they dont really understand what is actually happening inside the head and mind of the sufferer. In this page I hope to clarify what MPD is, according to my opinion, which differs from the professional understanding.
I understand MPD as Fragmented Consciousness (FC). But, I will use DID, in the interests of being able to communicate with others.

My "room" analogy for FC/DID/MPD

My current understanding can be communicated by visualizing the mind as a room. When we are born, the room is a single space. You can go anywhere in the room and you know what is going on in the rest of it. No part of the room is inaccessible.

In response to trauma - experience that is too awful to bear - the mind is able to generate partitions, to isolate the memories of those experiences. To take a part of the consciousness and hide it from the rest. These hidden things are those things that we do not wish to think about. So the room space begins to be taken up by partitions. I like to imagine boxes. As the trauma mounts up, so do the boxes. There are now parts of the room that are isolated by barriers. What is behind them cannot be seen.

The other kind of partition the mind can achieve, is one like that in an office. Small spaces can be isolated, and when in those spaces, you cannot perceive any of the other spaces, or even how large the overall room size is. The boxes with hidden memories are also hidden from view.

In order to completely cut off awareness of the memories of traumatic events, certain partitions are forbidden, and forgotten about. And in the final aspect that completes the analogy, when in each partition, the person has no awareness of any other partitions or space other than the current one. In addition, the sufferer may have different characteristics and beliefs and values and behavior, that they may seem like different people.

An important distinction

Many people have traumatic memories of childhood - they know that bad things happened, and they have always known. There was never a time that they lost that awareness. This is like hiding things under the bed, but always knowing they are there. Just refusing to think about them, refusing to acknowledge that the traumatic experiences were harmful.

With people suffering from FC, the awareness of those experiences is removed from their conscious awareness. For some reason, they do not know that the bed or the rug has an "under". They are simply unaware of all many of the things they would perhaps wish to not think about. When in one partition of their mind's room, they have no awareness of any others.

Is this a normal, natural occurrence - the next level of forgetting? Can a person generate such lack of internal self-awareness without any assistance from outside? Maybe. Maybe not.

The intentional creation of DID in a child

Increasingly, evidence from survivors of child abuse is revealing systematic induction of DID in children, using sexual trauma as the initiator. Also implicated by survivors are the perpetrators of these horrific acts - mostly satanic cults and military intelligence. Both of these kinds of organization would benefit greatly from creating a person that is easily controlled and can be used like a slave to carry out the wishes of those in control. Also being revealed is the use of hypnosis to generate the programming, that controls the actions of these individuals.

A pattern is emerging of the secretive creation of individuals that are essentially sacrificed in order to become slaves of their controllers. Who benefits from this? What do the controllers get out of it? How many mind controlled slaves are there? Three are many questions that await answers. Many answers awaiting exposure. It would appear that it is only a matter of time and we will all know too well these answers.

Possession or trauma survivor?

The ancient concept of possession may simply be the natural version of DID. Hundreds of years of documentation indicate the act of being possessed is vary much like having DID due to sexual abuse or other kinds of extreme trauma. This suggests that dissociation, or fragmented consciousness, due to abuse, has a long history in the human race. It is not a recent problem. The widespread claim that prostitution is the oldest profession gains new significance in this light.

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