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GaryP - RA Survivor


Here is some really basic info about my family, what they are like and my interaction with them.

Mother figure - born 1920s, Austria. Served in munitions factories for the Germans in WW2. Emigrated to Australia in the 1950s, leaving daughter with grandparents - daughter emigrated in 1960s. Mostly stayed home as home keeper, child rearer. Occasionally worked in temporary clerical positions when I was older. Provides some conflicting information about her life experiences, involving obvious self-aggrandizement. My mother was the person that had the most influence over the development of my mind, emotionally and intellectually. We argued regularly, and it wasn't until I started uni that I discovered that she was a compulsive liar.

Father figure - born 1920s, Germany. Member of the "Hitler Youth". Served in Luftwaffe in late WW2. Allegedly injured at Russian front. Emigrated to Australia 1950s. Refuses to speak much of life experiences, or to record them. He had very little to do with my life, spending much of his time at work. I did not make much effort to have anything to do with him.

Sister figure 1 - born 1940s, Austria. Married in Australia to another German emigrant, had 2 daughters, one older than me, one younger. Had little contact with her.

Sister figure 2 - born 1960s, Australia. This sister, with which I lived until she left home in 1980s, treated me badly. We fought regularly, sometimes physically. I hated her, and still have no awareness of feeling otherwise. When she left home in the early 1980s, she became involved in 'bikie' gangs, and described herself as 'one of the boys'. She eventually moved back into the family home after my parents moved once my father retired.

My relationship with my family

07 Jul 1987 - So, now I'll explain my study methods. As my parents drive me up the wall, and thoroughly annoy me any time they're around, I've taken to studying at uni all the time, and it makes a hell of a difference, but I wonder how long it will last?

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