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GaryP - RA Survivor

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This site is about memories I recovered when I was 29. 3 years later in 2000 I published this site to express my journey..
I can't say for sure they are true or accurate, I dont have evidence from anyone else to confirm them - but my body shows some consistent signs.
I allowed my mind to process them how it wanted. It changed my life from a frustrating dysfunctional experience that I often thought of ending, to a positive capable experience where I'm excited by the prospect of what I might be able to achieve. A good outcome, whether the memories are totally accurate or not. It reflects where i was at the time, so please read it with the awareness that the focus of my life gradually moved onto other things. Yet I always retain an awareness of this being a part of me.

What I always knew

Timeline - - A brief summary of what I know to be my history, independent of any memories I have recovered. A bit of a timeline really.
Family - This page contains some info about my family.

Recovered memories

Memories Index - This page contains information about memories that I have uncovered since 1997. CAUTION: Some of the content on this page may be extremely triggering for survivors of trauma, and possibly unsettling for anyone else.

  • Truth - - This is what I'm after - how do I know that's what I've got?
  • Before recall - Significant events on my road to recall and recovery
  • Rape - This is what I began to recall first
  • Mind Control - Regarding the process of programming my behavior
  • Ritual Abuse - The process of ensuring I didnt resist.

Patterns and problems

Seven year cycle - Why does my life change every seven years? When I looked into my timeline, I got a bit of a shock

Employment - Why cant I hold down a job?

My Multiple System - Explaining my multiple alter system, using colonial rule as an analogy

My state of health and how I've improved it

Physical Health - I have taken a number of steps to improve my physical health. This has helped my psychological healing process greatly

Mental Health - Here I outline my mental health and techniques that have been helpful with my healing process

Spiritual Health - A page about my spiritual development - an unavoidable part of my healing

My view of the world

Through healing myself, my beliefs about the world and how to change it have changed along with my view of the truth

Multiple Personality - What actually is it? I try to explain my understanding by using a room analogy
The Seven Senses - Seven? Not six? I reckon what is called the 6th sense is actually two very different abilities
Violence - Why violence isn't much good for solving anything, including examples from child discipline to revolutions
Human Culture - Here's why I think it is the way it is, and the things that led me there

Self Expression

Visual Artwork Index - A small selection of my drawings CAUTION: Some of the images on this page may trigger survivors of child abuse (some drawings), or be seen as sexually offensive (one drawing). There is also some symbolism that some people may find triggering. Please use your discretion when deciding to view the material.
Creative Writing index - This page gives a little insight into what goes through my mind AND makes its way to a recorded state. Some of it is silly.

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The purpose of this website is to educate, entertain, inform, and otherwise contribute to the growth of the human collective psyche. My intention is that I do not get myself into any legal trouble with this site. Yet, as a legal ignoramus, I cannot foresee every situation or predicament that may arise. Thus with regard to any suggestion, inference or even unforeseen associations: - All accusations are alleged.

Plain English version: I'm a nice guy and I don't want any trouble.

"Copyright" info:

The creative commons licence covers everything included in this site (identified by this index page). You can use content from this site as long as you apply the same CC licence to your work that uses content from this site. Please read the CC licence info to learn more about this great alternative to mean-hearted copyright law.

Plain English version: Share and share alike. It's mine, don't say otherwise or use my stuff to make money without asking.

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