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GaryP - RA Survivor

 7 1/4 year life cycle

("Saturn return cycle" - Astrology)

I never used to pay any attention to the saying that peoples lives go through some kind of seven year cycle. Then I had a closer look at my timeline.

An alternative view - the 7 1/4 year cycle: A significant cycle that appears to operate in my life.

Sep 1998 - "I just noticed a quite extraordinary pattern in my timeline. I felt that I should put an extra strong line where there were really large changes in my life. I put one in 1972, 1973, 1979/80, 1985/6 & 86/87, 1992/3 & 93/4. I saw that every 7 years there is a very significant change in my life, followed by another about 1 year later. I added 1978/79, my [] obsession, and the pattern was complete. The first of the pair of events, appears to be me doing something pretty amazing in relation to other people.
1972 - Moved to []. I know there was a reason for this relating to me. We had to move quickly and rent a place. My parent-figures told me that it was to look for work. I feel however, that the main cause was me somehow.
1978 - Got obsessed with & attacked [], and stalked her over the summer.
1985 - Hit []
1992 - moved out of home.
With each of these I made an announcement!

So here's a summary of what I have worked out:

that amazing 7.25 year cycle

Well, I was pretty amazed to find this clear cycle in my life. Doing a time line for myself was really valuable. The length of time between the announcement and lifestyle change was about 1 year. The disillusionment may also involve 2 events about 1 year apart. The cycle, according to events in my life, is just over 7 years, perhaps about 7 years + about 3 months. (7 1/4 years) I've looked to astronomical cycles for an explanation, but havent found any that match. I have since found this 7 year cycle is known in astrology as the saturn return cycle. I'm well aware that there is a cultural awareness of this 7 year cycle in peoples lives. I have noticed that my periods of disillusionment coincide with political changes, not only in Australia.

Explanation of different parts of the cycle:

Announcement - An event, initiated by me, that causes other people to treat me differently.
Lifestyle change - An event, initiated externally, but 'steered' by me, resulting in a complete lifestyle change for me.
Disillusionment - A period, where I stop doing many of the things that I am getting no satisfaction from, a change for the sake of change.

Here is a list of events:

mid 1968 - disillusionment - born; an interesting version of change for the sake of it! Am I talking about reincarnation? How would I know?
mid 1972 - announcement - move to [].
mid 1973 - lifestyle change - started school
1975/76 - disillusionment - ?
late 1978 - announcement - attacked [] with knife
late 1979 - lifestyle change - made decision to go to technical secondary school.
1982/83 - disillusionment - started getting bad grades, changed schools
late 1985 - announcement - hit [], stopped being bullied
late 1986 - lifestyle change - decided to go to uni and do science
1989/90 - disillusionment - changed from geology to life sciences, after working in a gold mine.
early 1993 - announcement - left home
early 1994 - lifestyle change - finished uni, started working.
1997 - disillusionment - questioned relationship, realized truth about my life.
early 2000 - announcement - supposedly I am in this phase right now, perhaps it is this website
early 2001 - lifestyle change - your guess is as good as mine, perhaps.

All this makes me wonder how much control I have over my life. many of these events are due to me, some not. This 7 year cycle isnt due to me. Dont I really ever get to do whatever I want? What does all this say about how the universe really works?

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