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GaryP - RA Survivor

 Physical Health

This page briefly outlines the main problems I have with my physical health, how they relate to the memories of abuse I have, and what I have found useful and successful in healing myself.

The nature of healing

It is becoming increasingly understood that psychological involvement is an important part of the physical healing process. The molecular mechanisms of this relationship are beginning to be determined.

It is my opinion is that any part of the body that is the site of repressed memories of trauma, cannot be serviced properly by the immune system. The author Louise L. Hay writes with an awareness of this, though from a very different perspective than myself. Quite simply, the mind does not allow recognition of the trauma and its physical consequences. Therefore, the part of the healing process that is dependent on mental direction for its success, does not take place, and the wound or damage does not heal properly. Such sites are party to chronic inflammation, cancer and degradative illnesses, even auto immunity. Inflammation and immune functions associated with auto immune diseases are able to access and act on sites without the assistance of the nervous system. This reasoning is the basis of my approach to the damage I have discovered in my own body, and my understanding of its inability to heal.



My spine is significantly damaged (sublaxation). I have problems with neck pain, a kink adjacent to the bottom of my shoulder blades, and some degradation in my lower spine. These problems, which I believe are the results of damage, are exacerbated by the poor posture associated with what I can only call 'victim mentality'.
I have memories associated with my lower and middle spine. Indirectly, my memories of being anally raped suggest the possibility that this could be associated with the physical trauma of repetitive strain. My visualization of my father-figure intentionally damaging my spine over his knee leads me to suspect this is responsible for the kink I have in the middle of my back. I have documented the damage to my spine by visiting chiropractors, and getting x-rays. I recommend collecting documentation.
Maintenance of good posture in recent times has led to the beginning of healing in my back. As I began this soon after recalling the memory of my father-figure damaging my back, I cannot say how much each is associated with my back's healing. Despite this progress, I still have difficulty sitting in the one position for longer than 10 minutes. I have to move regularly, even if only a little, so that my spine does not stay in the same position, or it begins to hurt.

In my early twenties I began orthodontic treatment because my teeth met so poorly that it was difficult to bite. After having my teeth neatly lined up, surgery corrected the fact that my upper and lower teeth did not meet properly, and my teeth would allegedly not maintain their alignment. I suspect that the problems I had with my teeth and jaw development may relate to repressed memories of trauma relating to oral rape.

Digestive system/liver:

In order to suppress emotional anguish, I overeat, especially with sweets, cane sugar being the most effective, and damaging. The resulting discomfort seems to 'distract' my emotional energy. For many years I suffered from regular diarrhea, interspersed with constipation: This was associated with my habit of unknown origin where I would force myself to not go to the toilet to defecate, but held it in for many hours first. The pain associated with this seemed to give me a great but confusing sense of relief.
I also have some indications that I have some liver damage. pathological testing indicated the presence of an enzyme at levels that indicate possible liver (hepatic) cell death. For many years my liver had been sensitive to the application of external pressure. This was alleviated by doing a few liver cleanses, where I expelled hundreds of pea-sized (on average) and colored cholesterol 'stones' from my liver (the precursors of calcified gall stones). The liver cleanses also alleviated the severity of my allergy reactions, just as the information at The Gateway to Health site claimed (


I have a lot of allergies. The exact mechanism of their development still allude me, but their nature suggests the role of trauma. Some of my allergies are to substances that were in my 'mother's' cooking. For as long as I can remember I ate my 'mothers' cooking with the suspicion that she may poison me at any time. Yet I was too afraid to give away my suspicions. Other allergies relate to substances associated with my 'father' and the garage - molds and dust associated with garages and dried up oil products. Others relate to family barbecues and camping - burnt wood, mineral oil products and gas vapors. Another significant one is to tobacco smoke - my 'father' again.

My most noticeable allergies are dandruff and skin flaking. These relate to most vegetable oils. I have two separate reactions, that affect different parts of my skin in different ways - one moist and weepy, the other dry and flaky - much less itchy. Yeast and it's extracts also cause the more severe of the two reactions.
My reactions to smoke and vapor allergens relate mostly to my adenoids, the immune sensors at the back of the nasal cavity.
All my reactions result in a temporary exhaustion that may last up to an hour after starting. This is an indication that my immune system is active, and is similar to the exhaustion experienced with a viral infection. Being exposed to an allergen leads to my being exhausted and unable to rise easily the next morning, as well as needing an extra 3 to 4 hours sleep.

As well as liver cleanses, my allergies are alleviated significantly by consuming fresh coriander herb. This herb contains chemicals that via chelation cause heavy metals to be excreted in the urine, such as mercury and lead. Such heavy metals are also implicated in allergies, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, amongst other diseases. unfortunately, I have a mouth full of amalgam/mercury fillings, that are quite degraded.



Probably the most significant factor in the improvement of my health, other than crying, is the restriction of my diet and substances I am allergic to. I believe that the secret to a healthy diet is not only what good things you put in, but what bad things you leave out. Also important is to keep your pipes clean, so to speak. Much of what i know about good health has come from the site called The Gateway to Health (and theres nothing for sale).

Professional assistance:

It is sad to say, but the only assistance I have received from medical health professionals is documentation, x-rays and pathology results. Essentially, they know almost nothing about health or how to maintain it. Yet they are experts at profitably maintaining illness.
Visiting the chiropractors was useful for understanding what was wrong with my spine, and some blood tests ordered by a couple of doctors proved to contain some useful information.

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