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GaryP - RA Survivor

 Spiritual Health

Along with my healing has gone a pretty much unavoidable transformation in my thinking about spirituality. But within the bounds of my scientific attitude.

A few years ago, I was a skeptic, and a good one. I could think of a scientific alternative explanation for just about anything. I was even dubious about the big bang, and other examples of the new "Physics-think". What's changed? Nothing really, except my interpretation of what scientific is.

What a cop-out, you say. Well, no. I've simply shaken the chains of ignorance and unscientific narrow mindedness that conventional science placed on my mind via 'education'.

What I now concern myself with is the scientific method. This sets me apart from most scientists, who really are operating well outside the boundaries of this way of thinking.

Hang on, you say, this page is about spirituality, what's all this scientific stuff got to do with it?

Ok, here goes...

The scientific method demands that spiritual claims be investigated as possible phenomena.

The scientific method is about logic. It states that you cannot prove a negative, amongst other things. This means that you cannot prove that spiritual entities do not exist. You cannot prove that God, souls, psychic powers, clairvoyance, etc., do not exist.

Ouch, goes the biggest part of scientific community. Well, in recent years, I've learned that when scientists say these things dont exist, not only are they being unscientific, but they are being just plain ignorant. I can assure you they kid themselves that a lot of things don't happen, and just plain dont think about things that can't be denied any longer.

Why am I going on about science so much when this page is about spirituality? Because I am laying out my journey from being a skeptic, to a 'scientist'. You'll have to put up with me maintaining the science point of view, I dont really have another.

Some phenomena that doesnt fit with "skeptic-think"

When I started to heal, one of the things I realized was that I kept having relationships with people like my mother. So, how did I manage to achieve this? How did I know? I realized that I was actually only attracted to people like my mother. It wasn't what they looked like, there was quite a lot of variety. I was just attracted to certain people, and others not. It didnt matter who was hitting on who.

What mattered, as far as I am now concerned, was that these partners were all "multiples", having multiple and separated consciousnesses. Can you tell this about someone within the realms of the five senses? I dont think so. Not instantly, anyway.

What about x-rays, to change the subject? Why is it then when I had x-rays done, I could feel the buzz of it? Especially when I had my spine x-rayed.

And what about deja-vu. What about the time I was riding up the hill to home, and thought about something that may happen when i was almost there. Then it actually happened about one minute later, in such incredible detail that chance is a completely inadequate explanation.

I don't want to go into more examples, because I've covered what I want to.

Am I just a piece of meat supported by a skeleton?

I think about these experiences I have, and it makes me wonder. I really used to believe for many years that was just a piece of meat, that there was no higher entity or consciousness of any kind, no life after death or continuation of consciousness. But then I keep having these experiences that tell me that this way of looking at things just isnt enough to explain the way things are.

Am I crazy, am I really experiencing these things that suggest I cant be just a piece of meat? Fortunately, there is an enormous amount of literature where people tell about it happening to them also. So I don't feel crazy for having these experiences. But I don't want to go around just believing others' interpretations and conclusions either. I have to work it out for myself - as usual. I don't trust what others have worked out. No surprise really, considering the crap I've been fed so far in my life.

No, there is more, isn't there?

Well, I believe there is more, but what? I'm pretty convinced that my spine is an aerial and I with it I can sense what others are feeling, their mood, what kind of person they are. To me it makes sense that this is possible, even likely.

I look into the eyes of animals and I get a sense of what their existence is like, a flood of awareness that comes only when our eyes meet. This happens when I look into another humans eyes also. But to do this with a bird is special, the feeling is so different. Not like most ground animals, who dont feel much different than humans. I can understand why ancient peoples put such importance on the mystical significance of birds. That the ancient Egyptians symbolized wisdom with the eye pattern of a falcon (eye of horus) - after my experiences with birds, I can easily accept their choice.

But clairvoyance, knowing what decision to make, whether to do something or not, without being able to know the consequences. This is something else. To know the future beyond the normal predictions based on past precedence. How does this work? I have had enough experiences like this to question whether or not there is a higher source of information, of understanding. But how does it work? How is the connection made? Is my consciousness just a part of the whole universe, am I not even separate? Are my fragmented consciousnesses (MPD/DID) only possible because consciousness can be separated first into individual creatures?

So there you have it, an explanation of my current spirituality: I havent decided.

Some of the spiritual things I do


First of all, I have to introduce you to some basic spiritual jargon. Smooth, and sharp. That's all, nothing complex. Smooth is relaxing, calm, happy, that sort of thing. Sharp is erratic, anxious, angry. Yep, you've got it now. I'll just describe a couple of examples.

6th sense

To stimulate my 6th sense, I like to get out into nature. Nature is smooth. Nature helps me get from sharp to smooth. Living in my daily life, My nervous system gets full of electromagnetic knots and eddies and blockages - sharp. Nature radiates smooth, regular electromagnetic fields. Just to walk through it helps smooth out my energy.

Trees are great. Let me tell you about trees. Trees and plants are sugar beings. Cellulose, wood fiber, is a sugar, in fact glucose in long chains. Plants are mostly glucose! Big trees are special. they hold up a giant column of water, into the sky. The bigger the column of water, the more energy required to hold it up, the stronger the electromagnetic field associated with the water column. The bigger the tree, the stronger the smoothing power. Big trees hum. The column of water has a frequency at which it resonates. I can't hear the hum, but I can feel it. I can feel it vibrate loose the sharp bits in my energy, the knots and blockages. So, there you have it. I'm a tree hugger. Now you know why.

I also pay attention to the way I feel about other people, the energy they are putting out. I do this sometimes just to practice, to hone my sense. And to think about it consciously is to develop my ability to understand the information my sense is sending to my brain.

7th sense

To stimulate my 7th sense, I try to use my intuition. To do things when I feel like it, in the way I feel like it. I will decide things on the spur of the moment, no matter how trivial. Using this method has led me to experience some amazing things, just by 'coincidence'. In fact I do this quite a lot, I enjoy it. I enjoy the experiences and people that it brings into my life, even if sometimes only briefly.

One example of this is choosing library books. I have come across books that have been amazingly significant to me by just following my feelings. I will walk around the library, and try to let my intuition lead me to a book. I have not been disappointed yet.

I also use my intuition with regard to my healing, and how I go about it. Should I try something or not? I have settled on using mostly my intuition in making these decisions.

Sometimes I decide the other way - by careful consideration, weighing pros and cons, that sort of thing. Somehow it often results in my life being made more of a struggle, whereas my intuition leads me to less struggle. I cannot explain how this works. Even with all my life experiences, I cannot know and understand so much as to achieve this even subconsciously. With intuition, decisions are instant, easy, and lead to good things, and greater awareness. Using my awareness accelerates my healing, using reason alone slows it down.

I avoid TV

I dont have one. Instead, I think. Its amazing all the things you can work out when you dont watch TV. Its amazing how much easier the world is to understand.

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