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mind control 1977 artwork

Layers of Programming

This drawing represents the results of what was forced on my mind.

Despite the complexity of the drawing, it surprisingly comes mostly from a subconscious source, especially the unusual aspects that I will highlight. Please note that most of the lines in this drawing were generated by computer manipulation of a scanned image.

This is a section of the lower left part of the picture.
It is in this section that I have identified the most interesting subconscious additions.

detail of mind control section of drawing

1-green -cloaked figure in red -represents the influence of satanic cults, and their uniform.
2-yellow -statue shape -reresents government, the "state". This figure and the satanic one, combine to create a pair of figures that represent me, a part of me created by the net effect of 1 and 2.
3-cyan (blue) - anguished figure with cult hands at neck, the arrow pointing to the mouth. -the effect of the cult.
4-pink -blindfolded figure, facing slightly out of the page toward the right. This figure represents the government mind control victim. The arrow points toward the blindfolded eyes.
The neck of both figures is the same.
At the top of the cult and govt figures, there is a connection. This represents their limited cooperation in sectioning off a part of me to be subjected to such treatment. I signed my name to the drawing on the figure that represents me, I realised after I did so.

b+w base image for drawing

After converting the posterized (7 color - why 7? It looked best) image to greyscale, I added the lines in the picture. The grey image allowed a lot more creative input than color. From the top and bottom edges of the image, I simply continued the lines vertically.

This information doesn't really explain how all these things got in the picture. The truth is I cant explain. I dont actually know what caused it, I just know its there. I know that I was able to sit for 3 hours and draw this, without a break, despite the fact that I normally have trouble doing one thing for more than 20 minutes. I just cant explain.
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