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GaryP - RA Survivor


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First image is about 40k, the rest are about 20-30k

1977 mind control representation

This is not a usual drawing for me. Click here (~80k) for more info about the unintentional elements of this picture and where they came from. CAUTION - victimisation imagery.

how i felt

This is how I felt when I was still in primary (elementary) school. Not how I looked, but how I felt. Click here (~40k) for an interesting comparison. CAUTION - emotional content.

shattered parts in fear

When I drew this, I didn't know what it meant. It represents my separate parts and the overall result - fear.

mother and son

This drawing represents my emotional relationship with my mother. Note the symbol for the male around "her" neck like a collar - the father/husband figure.

the ties that bind

A pretty clear representation of how my father contributed to my emotional development.

starfish wheel thing

I don't know what this means. I know religious symbolism is in there, but I don't really understand what the drawing represents yet. Looks pretty, but.

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