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GaryP - RA Survivor

 Human Culture

Why is our culture so based conformity and punishment, on fear and violence. Something pretty awful must have happened to the human race for them to settle for such an unpleasant cultural system. Something really really awful and terrifying.

Human culture has been based on inequality, hierarchy and privilege for a rich few, for our entire recorded history. There is only mention of a time when this was not the case. What caused the change? Well, there is mention of that too. But all the suggestions of such events and what life was like before them are only recorded in culture as mythology, and we are all taught in school not to take mythology seriously.

Why do cults exist?

I'd really like to know this, because my life has been wrecked by what seems to be a cult. A white supremacist cult. That's what I've noticed as important - all cults have a sworn enemy that it is okay, even honorable, to kill. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to find out why cults exist, because they aren't very willing to explain the basis of their beliefs and reason for existence. There's another thing I have noticed about cults. They are in a hurry to achieve their goals before a supposedly terrible event happens.

But what does it all mean? What is it that cults are really scared of, and why wont they tell anyone else. Perhaps they think they will be killed for it, and wont be able to achieve their goals? Well, there has been periods where groups have been killed for their beliefs.

The sky is falling?

This idea has been violently ridiculed for a long time, but it pops up again and again in history, and in the mythology of prehistory.

Some people seem to think it really happened, and that it is going to happen again. And they have done for thousands of years, despite attempts at killing them for doing so. Are secretive cults the 'repository' of these beliefs? If they are, they are a very pathetic one.

The geological record

Fortunately for the human race, we dont have to rely only on secret information being handed down from generation to generation, hoarded by a few very scared people. There is even an organization dedicated to investigating meteorite impacts from the point of view of substantiating ancient mythology (

There are certainly some very interesting geological events associated with the end of the last ice age, about 13000 years ago. Recently, some unusual flood related deposits were discovered in the US great lakes (Michigan), that are around 10000+ years old. So independent geological evidence is in its own way supporting mythological stories. Then there is the ancient fascination with astronomy, and mapping of the stars. Why would ancient cultures be so obsessed with astronomy, and especially the sun. According to some ancient myths, it was the sun that behaved erratically, in association with the mythological catastrophes. The bible has in fact some of the more straightforward myths relating to natural global catastrophes. Ancient observatories, such as Stonehenge, are accurate according to current earth behavior, at about 4000 to 5000 years ago. Stone age rock art is concerned with animal game, fertility and the moon. It is not until this side of the last ice age that an obsession with the sun appears. Perhaps the stone age peoples had no reason to think the sun would not come up the next day, but ancient peoples that created astronomical observatories did? Some Eurasian mythology recalls of a very long day, American mythology a very long night. Egyptian mythology refers to an event that added 5 days to their calendar year.

In my opinion, these myths are consistent with the earth being struck by a meteorite that was large enough to cause amazing events in the eyes of humans. This also explains the nature of the human obsession with the "falling skies'.

Armageddon and secret societies and cults

The masons spend a lot of time memorizing texts by rote. A useful skill if indeed some catastrophe causes all recorded information to be destroyed, but some humans to survive. I know I'm paranoid, but this is taking it to the extreme. But it could be that the cults that have survived are the only ones that were secretive enough to do so?

What I am proposing, is that an impact catastrophe near the end of the last ice age, about 13000 years ago, has caused the human race to fall into a cultural rut of enormous fear, that it is only now just climbing out of. Everything about human culture is ultimately based on fear of death. In this culture of fear, developed authoritarianism, hierarchy, war and punishment, amongst other things. I propose that all these cultural institutions developed out of 'a need to make the sun come up in the morning'. Just because it didnt once. I can understand how once would be enough. It's the source of all life. It would scare the crap out of me!

Modern remnants of ancient fears

Plenty of mythical elements survive in our modern culture, despite efforts to wipe them out over the millennia. As far as I can make out, mythological elements come in 3 basic groups (approximately from what I have seen so far). 1. animals, fertility and the moon cycle 2. sun worship, agriculture and sacrifice. 3. the celebration of individuals that have advanced human culture, spirituality and philosophy.

But where did the really evil stuff come from?

What about raping and torturing children, brainwashing, mind control - where did that come from? This kind of stuff is over and above the call of sacrifice for making the sun come up in the morning. How did it all get so perverted and cruel?

My answer is war. One thing the military does not want to admit - but is painfully obvious when you think about it - is that raping of the loser is part and parcel of war, to break the will of the enemy (sort of like breaking in a horse, but nastier). Just look at what has happened to the culture and minds of indigenous peoples the world over. Part of the process of defeating the enemy is to damage their minds enough that they submit to the rule of the victor, and are mentally incapable of organizing a revolution.

So what does a person with a violently damaged mind do to their kids? Take out their frustration on them. This is called acting out. Its what rape victims specialize in. Acting out against those that are less powerful - women, kids and pets.

And what statement is a person, a victim, making when they act out? They are saying that what they experienced did them no harm, the proof of which is in doing it to their own children and ignoring the obvious evidence that it is doing harm. To pass the violence on to your own children is the ultimate expression of denial.

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