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GaryP - RA Survivor

 The Seven Senses

I propose that there are two clearly distinct senses that have been labeled the '6th sense', or 'intuition'.

What I propose is to separate the phenomena that has been collectively called the '6th sense' or 'intuition', into two quite separate concepts, or senses.

Sense number 6 - the nervous system as an aerial.

I propose that the spinal cord as well as the peripheral nervous system, functions as a kind of aerial, or receiver, for the frequencies of EM radiation that matches the range that is transmitted by the human nervous system. I propose that the brain has two halves partly because it enhances this aerial array, enabling it a directional sensing ability, 3D so to speak. Just like the eyes and ears - stereo.

This gives us the ability to sense when someone is like us, or what their mood is, or when they are looking at us. The 'evil eye' relates to this sense. So does my ability to find people just like my 'mother'. Simple learning is enough to explain why I am attracted only to them. I learned that I am only allowed to be attracted to certain kinds of people, and fear did the rest. Maybe even some programming as well.

As you can see, the technological and scientific precedent for this sense has long been set (eg - communication with radio waves). That it is possible is not the question. But how? How does the human nervous system actually decode the signals? Is the tuning of this ability part of childhood development? Does a child tune their sensation of the energy fields of those they know very well, with their long-term behavior, then apply it to strangers? Is this the same thing as an animal with a sense about who will harm it or not?

Why don't people accept that there is more than 5 senses? So many people claim intuition is a vital part of their decision making processes.

Sense number 7 - connection with the consciousness that is the universe.

When people talk about being connected with God, or their 'higher self', this is what I think is going on. I propose that the entire universe has an overall consciousness. That people can know things that they really ought not to, just by opening themselves to information that comes through their intrinsic connection with this 'universe-consciousness'. Clairvoyance, deja-vu, making decisions based purely on intuition - doing what 'feels' right. These are the sorts of things I think fit into this sense.

A lot of people believe in this, in one way or another. Not that I let them affect me for most of my life, I thought they were just plain delusional. The argument that it's true because a lot of people believe in it - they wouldn't if it wasn't true, didnt wash with me. Still doesn't. What matters to me is what I have experienced.

Churches have taken advantage of being able to corrupt these beliefs for millennia. They say that to connect with god you must go through us special (and very rich) rulers and our holy persons. This was a great improvement on the pre-Christian situation, where only the royalty could connect with god, the rest were truly pieces of meat. Christianity allowed a big jump in importance for the masses, and discovered a more effective tool to attract loyalty. Great way to recruit soldiers, too.

Aside from the political manipulation of these beliefs, it shows that humans have had them for a long time. This does not mean it is true, but it certainly is consistent with it. It's not as if there is no precedent for belief in a higher consciousness, or at least a much wider one. If it turns out to be true, then we know what all these people have been doing all this time.

The concept of deja-vu brings into question the traditional view of time. ie, that there is any. Scientists have even gone to the extreme of saying time is a fourth dimension. Now physicists are beginning to wonder if spiritualists are right after all when they say time does not exist as we believe it to.

But how to explain it. What does it mean to say there is no thing as time? I can only explain it by its supposed consequences. When humans dream, they are traveling in time, IN ACTUALITY. Really doing it, traveling about the universe like the TV character Dr Who. You'd be motivated to believe it, wouldn't you? Beats the crap out of going to work in the morning, doesn't it? But if you believed it, would you be able to cope with going to work in the morning? Probably not.

So, just imagine it, when you go to sleep, you travel in time. What does this say about the reality of time (and the rest of our existence), if it is actually true? And even if it was true, how would you demonstrate it?


Here are some books that talk in much more detail about this stuff. These are extraordinary books, for they give an interpretation of our existence that is inspiring, eye-opening and scary. They have really got me thinking a lot about my few little strange experiences. But I still can't decide.

Conversations with God, Book 1, 2 and 3. - Neale Donald Walsch

The Art of Dreaming and The Active Side of Infinity - Carlos Castaneda

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